mSimps is a Ghanaian owned design house specializing in hand-made customised accessories : Ladies hand bags, clutch purses, tote bags, laptop bags/sleeves, hair and dress brooches and men’s slippers.

mSimps’ designs are inspired by African fashion and Ethnic prints especially its colours and patterns.

At mSimps, we believe in elegance in simplicity. And one unique feature that makes our products stand out is the particular attention we pay to detail.


mSimps 2013 | Ewuraba 

 ‘Ewuraba’ in the Fante dialect of the Ghanaian language means ‘Lady’. A true ‘Ewuraba’ is elegant, beautiful and charming. She dresses with style and ‘accessorizes’ with finesse! 

This year we are inspired by the use of lace fabric and we incorporated it in our clutch purse design. The elegant decoration makes the purses look delicate, classic, gentle yet trendy. The collection includes ‘Midi and Petite’ handbags from our ‘Deluxe’ range.

Step out looking charming, elegant and feeling sophisticated. Dress Responsibly!!!